samedi 29 septembre 2012

ISSW 2012 : lu, entendu...

Citations, en vrac... :

"The new challenge is no more to improve prediction, but to better manage the unexpected".
Alain Duclos

"Backcountry users who have never known a world without Internet and email increasingly expect immediate, credible, mobile information about events and changing conditions, preferring to get their information from social media rather than traditional sources"
Paul D. Diegel et Bruce Tremper, Utah Avalanche Center
(in : "Was social media invented for avalanche forecasting?")

"Making informed and educated choices about when and where to travel in mountainous areas requires linking avalanche hazard with terrain. To date, terrain components in public avalanche information products are limited. Tools that combine hazard and terrain have been developed but only rudimentary efforts have been made to utilize the power of computer, the internet, and mobile applications."
Karl Klassen, Canadian Avalanche Center

"Technology plays a pivotal role in public avalanche forecasting and information dissemination. "
Kristina Welch, Canadian Avalanche Center

jeudi 27 septembre 2012

ISSW 2012 : c'est fini !

L'International Snow Science Workshop 2012, c'est fini !

Des conférences, des rencontres, de la pluie...

Quand les effets soporifiques du décalage horaire (10 heures, quand même) seront dissipés, je ferai peut-être un résumé, mais en attendant, voici quelques images.